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Bring your Loyalty program data into Postscript to send personalized messages and set up automated flows

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Rivo and Postscript integration explained

Unlock the potential of SMS marketing to connect with your Loyalty program members instantly and personally. Using Postscript you can further engage with customers and build brand loyalty through targeted promotions.

✨ Integrations are available from the Starter plan and above. Check out how many apps you can integrate with your Rivo account here β†’


  • Add Loyalty data as Custom Properties to subscriber profiles

    • Rivo-Points-Balance (e.g. 1000)

    • Rivo-Loyalty-Status (e.g. member)

    • Rivo-Referral-URL (e.g.

    • Rivo-VIP-Tier-Name (e.g. Gold)

    • Rivo-Date-of-Birth (e.g. 9-28)

  • Trigger an automation flow once a Rivo property is updated

  • Use Rivo properties as subscriber filters and cancellation triggers in campaign flows

  • Select Rivo properties as event splits in the flow builder

  • Choose Rivo properties as criteria for segmentation

  • Personalize messages in flows using Rivo properties.

Connecting Rivo with Postscript

  1. From the Rivo Dashboard, go to Integrations

  2. Find Postscript and click Configure

  3. Enter your private API key (Where to find my Private API Key?)

    Postscript integration page
  4. Optional: Check the Custom Event Trigger box to add Rivo flow triggers to your Postscript account

  5. Click Save

  6. Toggle the switch ON to enable the integration.

Where to find my Private API Key?

  1. From your Postscript Dashboard, go to your account settings

  2. Click API

  3. Click on the Create Security Key Pair button

  4. Once the new key is generated, add the label

  5. Click Show and copy the key.

Viewing Loyalty data in your subscriber's profile

Locate the Rivo properties of your subscribers within their profile in Postscript.

  1. Enter the phone number of a subscriber in the Search bar or access your segments to find the subscribers within

  2. Click on the profile

  3. Scroll down to Custom Properties and see the Loyalty data available

πŸ“ Note: We will add Rivo properties to Member profiles only.

Creating segments based on Loyalty data

Segmentation is a helpful tool that allows you to send targeted messages to a specific group of subscribers based on their Rivo properties.

  1. From your Postscript Dashboard, go to Messaging

  2. Click Segments

  3. Click the Create Segment button on the top right corner

  4. Enter the name of your new segment

  5. Below Segment Criteria, click on the pre-selected filter to replace it

  6. From the dropdown menu, select any of the Rivo properties available

  7. Optional: Click + Add Rule to add an or connector within the same filter

  8. Add more filters for your segment if needed and click Save Segment

Using Loyalty data in Automations

Automation flows are sequential communications triggered by specific events. Use the Rivo event to run the flow automatically and send personalized messages.

  1. From your Postscript Dashboard, go to Automations

  2. Click Create Automation > Create Automation Flow

  3. Create a flow from scratch to open the flow builder

  4. Under Trigger event or property, click Select an event

  5. Select Rivo - loyalty_profile_updated from the dropdown menu

  6. Under Trigger filter, click + Add Filter

  7. Add a Rivo property as part of your criteria to filter the subscribers who will receive your text messages

  8. Click Save

  9. Make sure you have completed your flow with your preferred Flow Actions

  10. Click Save Changes or Schedule or Activate.

πŸ’‘ Pro Tip: Rivo data can be used in automation flows as trigger events, trigger filters, subscriber filters, cancellation triggers, trigger event splits, wait for event splits, and merge tags.

Using Loyalty data in Campaigns

You can create a campaign flow to deliver messages to a targeted customer segment. For greater customization, use the Rivo event to automatically remove a subscriber from the flow if any of their Rivo properties are updated.

  1. From your Postscript Dashboard, go to Campaigns

  2. Click Create Campaign > Create Campaign Flow

  3. Create a flow from scratch or use a template to open the flow builder

  4. Select which customer segment you wish to send the campaign

  5. Optional: Select which segment you want to exclude from the campaign

  6. Optional: Under Remove a subscriber when (optional), click + Add Trigger and select Rivo - loyalty_profile_updated

  7. Click Save

  8. Make sure you have completed your flow with your preferred Flow Actions

  9. Click Save Changes or Schedule or Activate.

πŸ’‘ Pro Tip: Rivo data can be used in campaign flows as cancellation triggers, wait for event splits, and merge tags.

Adding Loyalty data to messages

Use merge tags to put each subscriber's Rivo properties into your text messages in campaign and automation flows.

  1. Create a campaign flow or automation flow

  2. Drag the Send message box from the Flow Actions menu and drop it wherever you wish

  3. Click the purple tag icon (🏷️) at the bottom of the message field

  4. Below Subscriber Properties, you will see the Rivo properties available

  5. Once you are finished composing the message, click Save

  6. Make sure you have completed your flow and click Save Changes or Schedule or Activate.

πŸ“ Note: You can only use the Loyalty data as message tags in your campaign flow or automation flow.

Common Questions

Can I use Rivo properties as events in Postscript?

Yes, you can use the flow trigger Rivo - loyalty_profile_updated to start an automation flow. Make sure to add a subscriber filter to specify the Rivo property.

Can I use the Rivo event in legacy automations?

No, you can only find it in automation flows. However, you can still use the Rivo properties as user filters in your legacy automations.

Can I use Loyalty data in standard campaigns?

No, you can only use it in campaign flows. You will be able to use the Rivo event for cancellation triggers and the Rivo properties as merge tags in your messages.

How long does it take to reflect the Rivo Loyalty data in Postscript?

The Loyalty data should be synced in a few seconds after the new subscriber is added to your dashboard. You can see them below Custom Properties on your subscriber's profile page.

Will the Loyalty data show up for all subscribers?

Our integration uses phone numbers to match the Members of your Loyalty program, which means that we will send the data to subscribers whose profiles have both emails and phone numbers.

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