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Connecting Rivo Loyalty with SMS through Attentive

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Attentive and Rivo Integration

Tailor your SMS marketing campaigns even further by connecting Rivo Loyalty with Attentive. This powerful integration will help you reach members of your loyalty program in a direct and effective way in order to promote any special promotions and offers.

✨ Integrations are available from the Starter plan and above. Check out how many apps you can integrate with your Rivo account here


When you segment your subscriber list, you can send personalized messages to a particular set of subscribers who meet specific criteria that you define. Customer segmentation with loyalty data is an effective way to enhance your marketing efforts and build a loyal customer base that is essential for your brand and strategies.

  • See the Loyalty data of enrolled customers as attributes

    • Rivo Points Balance (e.g. 2,000)

    • Rivo Loyalty Status (e.g. Member)

    • Rivo Referral URL (e.g.

    • Rivo VIP Tier Name (e.g. Gold)

    • Rivo Date of Birth (e.g. 01-31)

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  • Add the Rivo Loyalty attributes as characteristics to create dynamic segments

  • Use segments within any journey and campaign.

How to connect Rivo Loyalty with Attentive

  1. From the Rivo Dashboard, go to Integrations.

  2. Find Attentive in the Email Marketing section and click Configure.

  3. Click Connect and be sure to sign in to your account to finish the setup.

How to create a segment in Attentive

  1. From the Attentive dashboard, go to Segments.

  2. Click Create segment.

  3. Either you choose a Dynamic segment or Segment templates, click Create.

  4. From the list of conditions, click A subscriber's characteristics

  5. Click the dropdown menu to search for a characteristic and scroll down to Custom Attributes to choose any Rivo attribute.

  6. After you complete the criteria, click Create.

  7. Enter the name for the new segment and click Save.

Common Questions

Can I use the Rivo attributes as triggers in Attentive?

For now, our attributes only work as filters in segments. We look forward to expanding our current capabilities so please add your vote here if you have any suggestions - we want to hear from you!

I can't get the app up and running. Can you help me?

Please reach out to [email protected] and our dedicated team will be happy to help you with any questions or requests!

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