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Shopify tagging for VIP Tiers
Shopify tagging for VIP Tiers
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Shopify Tagging is an automated tool that helps you effortlessly categorize, track, and manage your orders and customers within your Shopify admin. Use this feature to add tags to customers who go through the different tiers in the VIP Program.

✨ Shopify tagging for VIP Tiers is available to all Shopify Plus brands

How it works

Whenever your members move through different tiers, Rivo will automatically add the tag with the Tier name to the profile in the Shopify admin. No matter if they move up or down a tier, the tag will smoothly display their current Tier.

This feature comes in handy for crafting customer segments based on tiers. You can use these Shopify tags to construct advanced workflows in Shopify Flow or even tap into their utility for viewing customer data in other apps.

πŸ“ Note: The prefix Rivo VIP Tier: cannot be modified.

Enabling customer tagging

  1. Go to Settings > Shopify Tagging

  2. Under Shopify Customer Tagging, check the option Customer VIP Tier Tags

    Shopify Tagging
  3. Save changes

  4. Optional: If you want to backfill the VIP Tier tags of members that unlocked a tier before the activation, scroll down to Troubleshooting and click Sync Store.

Common questions

Can I customize the tag I want to see in Shopify?

No. Every tag will show the prefix Rivo VIP Tier: before the tier name, which is set in your VIP Program.

Why can't I see the tag for all my customers in Shopify?

Please make sure the customer you're viewing has the 'Member' Loyalty status in Rivo with a VIP Tier assigned.

After enabling the feature, only new tiers that are unlocked will trigger the auto-tagging. However, you can backfill the tags for tiers unlocked before the activation by going to Settings > Shopify Tagging > Sync Store.

I'm not on Shopify Plus, can I use this feature?

Take a look at our Mesa integration or us Shopify Flow to tag customers when they reach specific tiers.

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