Using redeemed rewards at checkout

Display a list of redeemed rewards ready for instant use

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Simplify the redemption journey for your customers with easy access to their available rewards during checkout.

โœจ Checkout extensions are available to Shopify Plus merchants on the Rivo Plus plan who have upgraded to Checkout extensibility

โœ… Checkout extension available on the Information, Shipping, and Payment pages

How the extension works

  1. If the customer reaches the checkout page as a guest, the extension will display a logged-out state, encouraging them to sign in or create a store account to view their rewards

    Rivo's Redeemed Reward extension in logged-out state
  2. Once logged in, the customer can view a list of their available redeemed rewards

    Rivo's Redeemed Rewards extension in logged-in state
  3. Once the customer selects the reward, the discount code will be added to the order without deducting additional points from the customer's balance.

    Rivo discount applied to order

๐Ÿ’ก Pro Tip: Use the advanced settings to automatically hide the checkout extension when a discount has been applied to the order.

How to add the extension

  1. From your Shopify admin, go to Settings > Checkout

  2. In the Customize your checkout section, click Customize next to the checkout that you want to edit

  3. At the top bar menu bar, select the checkout page where you'd like to add the extension: Information, Shipping, or Payment

  4. On the left side menu, click Add app block

  5. Select Rivo Loyalty & Referrals' Redeemed Rewards Extension

    Rivo's App Blocks
  6. Optional: To change the location of your extension, click the โ‹ฎโ‹ฎ icon to drag the block and then drop it to another available location

  7. Click Save.

Known limitations

  • Members can only add Amount Discount, Percentage Off, and Free Shipping rewards through the extension. For Free Product rewards, member should add the item to the cart and enter the discount code at checkout

  • The logged-out state of the extension cannot be hidden

  • The redeemed rewards will continue to show on the extension until the reward status changes from Issued to Used

  • The extension will show all rewards available regardless of the reward ToS. If the order doesn't meet the requirements, the discount won't be added.

Advanced settings

Visit the order settings page if you want to customize the Redeemed Rewards extension.

  1. From the Rivo Dashboard, go to Settings > Orders

  2. Scroll down to Checkout UI Extensions

  3. Select any of the following options:

    1. Show login - By default, the extension is only visible to logged-in customers. If you check this option, logged-out customers will see a link to log in

    2. Show login header - If enabled, the extension will display the same title as in the logged-in state (ex. Your rewards)

    3. Hide reward selection when no available options - If a customer does not have any redeemed rewards available to use, the extension will be hidden

    4. Hide reward selection when discount exists - If a customer adds a discount code to their order, the extension will be hidden

  4. Click Save.

๐Ÿ“ Important Note: The Show Login is a global setting shared among other checkout extensions, such as Redeem Points and Redeem Incremental Points. Learn more at Redeeming points at checkout.


  1. From the Rivo Dashboard, go to Branding > Translation

  2. Search for Checkout UI Redeemed Rewards within the page

  3. Edit the text

  4. Save changes.

๐Ÿ’ก Pro Tip: Make sure to customize both logged-in and logged-out states if you have enabled the Show Login.

Common questions

Why can't my customers see the Free Product rewards they redeemed?

Rivo is not allowed to add products at checkout, so any Free Product reward must be applied to the cart before your customer gets to the checkout page.

Where can I learn more about upgrading to Checkout extensibility?

To learn more you can check out this document from Shopify.

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