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Potential Loyalty Points checkout extension
Potential Loyalty Points checkout extension

Add a call to action to display potential points upon completing checkout

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Showcasing potential Loyalty points at checkout gives your customers an extra incentive to complete a purchase and also explore the perks of your loyalty program, which is a strategic move to boost engagement and sales.

✨ Checkout extensions are available to Shopify Plus merchants on the Rivo Plus plan who have upgraded to Checkout extensibility

βœ… Checkout extension available on the Information, Shipping, and Payment pages

How the extension works

Both Members and Guests will be able to see the banner with the points amount they can earn for purchasing the products, and no actions need to be completed through this extension to receive said points.

Rivo's Show Points Customer Will Earn Extension

πŸ’‘ Tip: Logged-in customers can view the potential Loyalty points based on their tier level. Read more in our guide Custom Ways to Earn for VIP Tiers.

How to add the extension

  1. From your Shopify admin, go to Settings > Checkout

  2. In the Customize your checkout section, click Customize next to the checkout that you want to edit

  3. At the top bar menu bar, select the Thank you page

  4. On the left side menu, click Add app block

  5. Select Rivo Loyalty & Referrals' Show Points Customer Will Earn Extension

    Rivo's Show Points Customer Will Earn Extension in the checkout editor
  6. Click Save.

πŸ’‘ Find out more: Add a Potential Loyalty Points extension to your product pages so that your customers don't miss the advantage of your program.

Known limitations

  • It can only be added to the order summary section, after the items

  • It shows the basic calculation from the Points program. Shipping, taxes, and discounts are not factored into the points estimation at the moment.


  1. From the Rivo Dashboard, go to Branding > Translation

  2. Search for Checkout UI Redeemed Rewards within the page

  3. Edit the text

  4. Click Save.

Common questions

Can I change the position of the extension?

No. The checkout extension will be added after the items in the order summary.

Where can I learn more about upgrading to Checkout extensibility?

To learn more you can check out this document from Shopify.

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