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Checkout extensions overview

Dive into a realm of enhanced customer engagement with checkout extensions

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Introducing Rivo's checkout extension designed to elevate the benefits of your Loyalty program. Integrate each extension into the checkout process to empower customers to enjoy a seamless experience and make the most of the points and rewards.

✨ Checkout extensions are available to Shopify Plus merchants on the Rivo Plus plan who have upgraded to Checkout extensibility

How to install the extensions?

  1. Go to your Shopify admin and click Settings > Checkout

  2. In the Customize your checkout section, click Customize next to the checkout that you want to edit

    Shopify Checkout settings
  3. Within the editor, select the checkout page you would like to edit

    Add app from the Shopify Checkout Editor
  4. On the left side menu, click Add app block

    Add app from the Shopify Checkout Editor
  5. Under App blocks available for this page, select the Rivo extension

  6. Click Save.

Checkout extensions available



Full guide

Redeem Incremental Points Extension

Information, Shipping, and Payment

Redeem Points Extension

Information, Shipping, and Payment

Redeemed Rewards

Information, Shipping, and Payment

Refer Friends Extension

Thank You

Rewards Automation by Tier

Information, Shipping, and Payment

Show Points Customer Will Earn Extension

Information, Shipping, and Payment

Common questions

Can I customize the extension?

The checkout extensions use your checkout layout. At the moment, you can only customize the text from your Rivo account by going to Branding > Translation.

My customer redeemed points by mistake, what can I do?

If your customer redeemed points but never paid the order with the discount, you can search for the customer in your Rivo admin and refund the points under the Program Activity section.

How many extensions can I add at checkout?

You can add as many checkout extensions as you wish as long as they are available for the checkout page of your preference.

Where can I learn more about upgrading to Checkout extensibility?

To learn more you can check out this document from Shopify.

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