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Customize Rivo's Discount Code Prefixes
Customize Rivo's Discount Code Prefixes
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Rivo now offers a highly requested feature that gives you the flexibility to personalize the prefixes of discount codes generated for your customers. This customization allows your business to align discount codes more closely with your brand identity, making them more recognizable and memorable for customers. In this article, we will guide you through the process of customizing the discount code prefixes in Rivo, enhancing your brand's presence and making your rewards even more special for your customers.

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Customize Rivo's Discount Code Prefixes

Customizing your discount code prefixes in Rivo Loyalty allows for a more personalized and brand-centric approach to rewarding your customers. Follow these steps to change the default "BAL-" prefix to something that aligns with your brand identity:

  1. From the Rivo dashboard, navigate to Settings > Orders.

  2. Look for the Discount Code Prefixes section. This is where you can manage and customize prefixes for your discount codes.

In the Discount Code Prefixes section, you will see various options for customization:

  • Global Prefix: The default prefix for all discount codes. Originally "BAL-", this can be changed to any prefix of your choosing.

    • To customize, enter your desired prefix in the text box labeled Global Prefix.

  • Loyalty Reward Prefix: If you wish to have a unique prefix for loyalty reward discount codes, specify it here.

    • Leave blank to default to the Global Prefix.

  • VIP Tier Reward Prefix: For a special prefix for VIP reward discount codes, enter it in this field.

    • Leave blank to use the Global Prefix.

  • Referral Advocate Reward Prefix: Customize the prefix for Advocate reward discount codes by entering your preferred prefix here.

    • If left blank, it defaults to the Global Prefix.

  • Referral Friend Reward Prefix: Set a unique prefix for Friend reward discount codes in this field.

    • Leave blank to automatically use the Global Prefix.

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