Custom Action Ways to Earn
Enhance your Rivo Loyalty Program performance by adding Custom Ways to Earn built exclusively for your shop.
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Take your Loyalty & Rewards Program to the next level with custom ways to earn built exclusively for your shop. This exciting feature, powered by Shopify Flow, is an amazing way to reward your customers at the touchpoints that matter across your store.

You can use these custom ways to earn to award points for buying specific products, a product from a specific collection, completing a survey, pre-ordering an item; the possibilities are almost endless!

✨ This feature is supported on the Premium & Enterprise plans

Understanding the Custom Action feature

Here's an overview of the Custom Action Settings and Earning points section in the app, and how it looks in the widget.

Custom Action Settings

Action Name

This is what will appear in the Ways to Earn section of the widget. It is the name of the action that customers need to complete to earn points. This should be written in the PRESENT tense.

Completed Action Name

This shows in the Points History section of the widget. It is a list of completed actions and how much points they earned for it. This should be written in the PAST tense.


This will appear under the action name. It is a brief explanation of the action and how much points they could earn by doing it.

Earning points

Points amount

Number of points you want to grant customers after completing the action.

Limit how many times each customer can earn points for completing this action

You can tick the box for this feature if you like to set how many times your customers can earn for completing the action. It is totally optional and is set to 1 per different span of time. (e.g. minute, hour, day, etc).


A toggle button is available here to enable or disable the custom action.


In this section, you have the option to use the default icon or upload a custom icon for your custom action for a more personalized look.

The custom icons feature is available in our Growth plan and above.

Adding Custom Actions

Drive customer engagement to your loyalty program by adding more ways to earn points! Follow the steps below to start creating your own custom ways to earn.

Shopify Flow is required for the Custom Action Way to Earn. Shopify Flow is available to merchants on the Shopify, Advanced, and Shopify Plus plans.

  1. From the Loyalty dashboard, go to Programs > Points.

  2. Click Add Another Way to Earn under the Earning Points section.

  3. Choose Custom Action in the Ways to Earn prompt.

  4. Set an Action Name for your custom way to earn points.

  5. Enter the Completed Action Name for it.

  6. Add a short description.

  7. Enter the points amount you wish to give out.

  8. Check the box of the “Limit how many times each customer can earn points for completing this action” option and set a limit if preferred.

  9. Make sure that the Status is ON.

  10. Once you are satisfied with your settings, click Save.

  11. Repeat the same steps when creating more custom ways to earn points.

Creating a workflow in Shopify Flow

To make the Custom Actions work, you will need to create a workflow using Shopify Flow to set a trigger and an action. In this example, we will create a workflow to Award loyalty points for ordering a specific product.

💡 Pro Tip: This is just one example out of many possible workflows you can create! Check this page out to see a list of other apps that integrate with Shopify Flow and go here to read Shopify's other guides on Flow.

Option 1: Import a pre-made template

We created a template that you can import to make the process of creating this workflow faster. You can download the file here: Award loyalty points for ordering a specific product workflow template.

  1. Click Apps in the sidebar of your Shopify admin to show all installed apps in your store then select Shopify Flow.

  2. Click Import on the upper right side of the Shopify flow page.

  3. Click Add files or drag a .flow file from your desktop of the Import workflow prompt.

  4. Select or drop the downloaded template file.

  5. Optional: Click 'Preview workflows' to review workflows before importing them.

  6. Click the Import button.

Important Note: Once the workflow file is successfully imported, you will need to edit it to match the details of your product and custom action name.

Option 2: Creating the workflow manually

Follow the guide below for step-by-step instructions on how to set up the same workflow that will award customers points when they buy a specific product from your store.

  1. Open the Shopify Flow app and then click the Create workflow button on the upper right side of the page.

  2. Click the Select a trigger button then choose Order created under Shopify triggers.

  3. Click Then + button then select Condition. Make sure that the condition is set to If all conditions are met then click Add criteria.

  4. Under Shopify API, click Order and then choose lineItems as your Order Object.

  5. Click Product then select title as your Product Object. The criteria will appear and it should be Title is Equal to then enter the product title in the Title field.

  6. Click Then + then choose Action.

  7. Under Installed App Actions, click Rivo: Rewards, Loyalty Program, then select Add Points for a Custom Action.

  8. Click Add a variable under Customer Identifier.

  9. Click Order under Shopify API then select Customer. For the Customer Object, you can select email or id.

  10. Enter the exact name of the Custom Action set inside the app in the Custom Action Name field.

  11. Optional steps:

    1. Enter a new points amount in the Points Amount Override field if you want to override the points amount set in the app.

    2. Tick the box for the Skip Email if you want to skip the email notifying the customer of the points they earned.

  12. Change the name of the workflow if preferred and once satisfied, click Turn on workflow to activate it.

Common questions

Can I create more than one Custom Action Way to Earn?

Yes! You can create as many as you like!

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