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Getting Started with Custom Actions
Getting Started with Custom Actions

Create Ways to Earn that fit your unique business needs with Rivo Custom Actions

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Custom Actions allow you to craft personalized and dynamic earning conditions that resonate with your brand and customer base. By leveraging automation tools, these actions can seamlessly integrate into the shopping experience, encouraging customer engagement and retention.

✨ Custom Actions are supported on the Scale and Plus plans. See pricing →


  • Flexibility: Create earning methods for virtually any customer interaction.

  • Integration: Use automation tools such as Shopify Flow to connect Rivo Loyalty events with other apps.

  • Customization: Tailor your program specifically for your customer tiers and behaviors.

What tools can I use to trigger a custom action?

  • Shopify Flow: Built exclusively for Shopify, you can easily incorporate Rivo custom actions into workflows, allowing them to be triggered by events in your store or other apps for seamless automation. Check out our guide here →

  • Rivo REST API: For developers looking to integrate more deeply, the REST API provides the ability to trigger actions programmatically from virtually any application. Get started with our developer toolkit here →

  • MESA: This is another automation platform built exclusively Shopify, allowing you to create complex workflows for your custom actions without needing to write code. Check out our guide here →

Creating a Custom Action Way to Earn in Rivo

Follow these steps to create your custom Way to Earn:

  1. Go to Programs > Points from your Loyalty Dashboard and click "Add Another Way to Earn".

  2. Select "Custom Action" and input an "Action Name", "Completed Action Name" and a "Description" of the Way to Earn.

    1. The {{points_amount}} variable is replaced on the customer's end with the "Earning points" amount that you set in the field below it.

  3. Set the points customers will earn.

  4. Optionally, add a URL with button text, limit frequency, and a custom icon.

  5. Save and enable the action by turning it ON.

  6. Link the "Action Name" to an automation tool like Shopify Flow, Rivo API, or MESA.

📝 Note: The "Action Name" is important as this is how you connect the Way to Earn to your automation. It should be in the present tense.

The "Completed Action Name" is important as this is shown in the Points History section of the on-site displays and Rivo's "Points Earned" email. This should be in the past tense.

Examples of Custom Actions

Custom actions offer a versatile approach to engage your customers and incentivize a wide array of activities. Here are some innovative ways you can integrate custom actions into your loyalty program:

  • Purchasing Specific Products: Reward points when customers purchase highlighted items from your store, encouraging sales of new or underperforming products.

  • Engagement with Content: Points can be awarded for interactive engagements like reading a blog post, watching a promotional video, or downloading exclusive content such as an e-book.

  • Social Actions: Encourage social engagement by giving points for activities like signing a petition, subscribing to a newsletter, or following your social media channels.

  • Reviews and Feedback: Gain valuable customer insights and boost your product credibility by offering points for leaving reviews or completing surveys.

  • Event Participation: Reward points for attending virtual events or scanning a QR code at a physical location, fostering community and brand interaction.

By creatively utilizing custom actions, you can not only enhance customer engagement but also drive specific behaviors that align with your marketing goals.

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