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How to sync new settings
How to sync new settings

Learn to sync new settings applied to the store in the Loyalty App.

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There may be a few changes you need to implement in your online store from time to time such as a new theme, and these changes may not automatically sync with the app. In case this happens, you can sync the app at any time so your settings will be applied again to your new theme.

Syncing new settings

  1. From the dashboard, go to Settings.

  2. Select Troubleshooting, then click Sync Store.

  3. Wait a few moments while syncing is in progress.

  4. The notice below will change from ' Syncing... ' to ' Successfully synced ' when the process is completed.

Common Questions

Why does the icon say "Undefined" after my changes?

Syncing may not have been completed or has not started at all if you see "undefined" on the icon. Just follow the steps again to sync your settings and make sure the process has been completed.

Can I test the app on an unpublished theme?

At this point, the app cannot be installed and tested on an unpublished theme. It can only be tested on live themes.

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