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How to integrate your Loyalty program with Drip

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Drip and Rivo integration explained

Drip is an easy marketing automation platform that offers powerful tools to grow your e-commerce business. With our integration, you can use the Rivo Loyalty data to make the most of segmentation and reach out to customers!

✨ Integrations are available on the Scale and Plus plans. See pricing β†’


  • Add Loyalty data under custom fields in a person's profile

  • Use Rivo properties as filters for segments

  • Export your saved segments to CSV files.

Connecting Rivo with Drip

  1. From the Rivo Dashboard, go to Integrations

  2. Find Drip in the Email & SMS Marketing section and click Configure

  3. Enter your API Token Key (get your key here)

    Drip Integration page in Rivo
  4. Enter your Account ID (get your ID here)

  5. Click Save

  6. Toggle the switch ON to enable the integration.

Rivo Loyalty properties in Drip

Custom field










Creating segments in Drip

A segment dynamically includes and excludes customers based on the filter criteria you specify and that might include Rivo Loyalty properties.

  1. From the Drip dashboard, click People

  2. Click Active

  3. Below Select your criteria, click Choose a filter

  4. Find Person Tags and Fields in the list and click Custom fields

  5. Add any Rivo Loyalty property as a filter. You can add multiple AND / OR filters

  6. After you specify the segment criteria, click Refresh to see the result

  7. Click Save segment

  8. Input a descriptive name for the segment in the pop-up and click Save segment.

πŸ’‘ Pro Tip: You can manage your saved segments in People > Saved Segments.

Common questions

I can't get the integration up and running. Can you help me?

Please reach out to [email protected] and our dedicated team will be happy to help you with any questions or requests!

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