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Exclude products from your Rivo Loyalty Program to prevent customers from earning points for specific items

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On some occasions, you might need to exclude products from your Loyalty program to prevent customers from earning points for purchasing a specific item. Just by providing the product ID number, you can have better control of the Points program without any additional steps!

Product exclusion is available in all plans.

Excluding products from the Points program

Read on for steps on how to exclude products from your program.

📝 Note: This only applies if you have the Way to Earn 'Place an Order' enabled in your program.

  1. From the dashboard, go to Settings.

  2. Click Orders.

  3. Scroll down to Order Exclusions.

  4. Insert the ID of each product you want to exclude. Separate them with a comma only.

  5. Click Save.

Where to find my product ID number?

  1. In your Shopify admin, click Products.

  2. Click the product you want to exclude from your list of products.

  3. Copy the number string at the end of the URL, after /

Common questions

Can I exclude collections?

We can only exclude products for now, so you would have to enter the ID number of each product from a collection and separate the IDs with a comma.

Can I use a Shopify tag to exclude my products?

Currently, Rivo only reads the product ID numbers entered in the Order Exclusions field.

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