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Migrating from Stamped

Move your Loyalty & Referrals Program from Stamped to Rivo

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Migrating from Stamped

To import your loyalty members to our app from another Shopify app like Stamped, you'll need a CSV export of your data from that app. Depending on the provider you're currently using, you can easily export your customers out. To export your loyalty members from Stamped, you'll need to email them at [email protected]. We've also outlined the steps below.

  1. Click this link to send an email to the Stamped team or visit their help center

  2. Stamped will email you a CSV file of your customers

  3. Next, navigate to the CSV Import page of your Rivo Loyalty dashboard.

  4. Click Choose file and upload your CSV file.

The import should start and you should see your customers now appear with their points balances on the Customers page. If anywhere along the way you need a hand, start a chat with our team and we'll make sure everything goes smoothly!

πŸ’‘ Pro Tip: If you need our CSV import file, you can click here to download it.

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