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Upgrade your Rivo Loyalty Program by awarding points to your members for visiting a URL

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Take your Rivo Loyalty Program to the next level by awarding members for visiting a URL. This exciting feature is an amazing way to reward your customers and get them to take action on any page on or off your store!

✨ This feature is supported on the Growth, Premium & Enterprise plans

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Understanding the Visit a URL feature

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Here's an overview of the Way to Earn 'Visit a URL' in the app and how to configure it.


This is the URL that you want to bring customers to when they click the button. This can be any URL, whether it's a link from your Shopify store or not.

📝 Note: The URL must begin with http://

Button Text

This is the text that the member sees when clicking the button. Some common examples are Visit, Click Here, Earn Now, Get Points.

Action Name

This is what will appear in the Ways to Earn section of the on-site displays, like the Floating Widget and Dedicated Page. It is the name of the action that customers need to complete to earn points. It should be written in the present tense (e.g. subscribe to our YouTube channel).

Completed Action Name

This shows in the Points History section of the on-site displays. It is a list of completed actions and how many points they earned for the completed action. It should be written in the past tense (e.g. subscribed to our YouTube channel).

Action Description

This will appear under the action name in your on-site displays. It is a brief explanation of the action and how many points they could earn by doing it.

Points amount

Number of points you want to grant customers after completing the action.


A toggle button is available here to enable or disable the custom action.


In this section, you have the option to use the default icon or upload a custom icon for your custom action for a more personalized look.

Adding the Visit a URL Way to Earn

Drive customer engagement to your Loyalty Program by adding more ways to earn points! Follow the steps below to start creating your own Visit a URL way to earn.

  1. From the Loyalty dashboard, go to Programs > Points.

  2. Click Add Another Way to Earn under the Earning Points section.

  3. Choose Visit a URL in the Ways to Earn prompt.

  4. Enter the URL you want members to visit (e.g.

  5. Enter the Button Text you want members to see (e.g. Visit)

  6. Set an Action Name for your visit a URL way to earn points.

  7. Enter the Completed Action Name for it.

  8. Add a short description.

  9. Enter the points amount you wish to give out.

  10. Make sure that the Status is ON.

  11. Once you are satisfied with your settings, click Save.

  12. Repeat the same steps when creating more Visit a URL ways to earn points.

Common Questions

Can I create more than one Visit a URL Way to Earn?

Yes! You can create as many as you like.

How do customers get points for visiting the URL?

This works similarly to the Points for Social Media ways to earn where we go off of the honour system, as points are awarded shortly after clicking the button. This means it is important that your Action Name describes what you want the member to do once they visit the URL.

For example, let's say we want to get more YouTube subscribers. A bad Action Name would be "Check out our YouTube channel". A good Action Name would be "Subscribe to our YouTube Channel".

I'm looking for some inspiration, what are some examples where I can use this way to earn?

  • Earn points for subscribing to a newsletter

  • Earn points by watching a video on YouTube

  • Earn points by visiting a website or checking out a new product or page

  • Earn points by signing our petition

  • Earn points by joining our Discord / Slack / community

  • Earn points by downloading our app

  • Earn points by downloading e-book

  • Earn points by leaving a Google review

  • Earn points by leaving a review

  • Earn points for reading a blog post

  • Earn points for completing a survey.

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