Social Media Ways to Earn: Overview

Boost your sales by enabling points for Social Media in your Rivo Loyalty Program.

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In the age of digital connectedness, social media isn't just about likes and retweets; it's about building genuine relationships with your customers. With Rivo, you can reward customers for engaging with your brand on various platforms, strengthening their bond with your business and amplifying your reach.

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Earning Points through Social Engagements

Our program offers diverse ways for your customers to earn points by connecting with your brand on different social media platforms. Here's a quick guide to get started:

1. Follow on TikTok

2. Follow on Instagram

3. Like Page on Facebook

4. Share Link on Facebook

5. Follow on Twitter

6. Share Link on Twitter

Common Questions

What if my desired social media platform isn't listed in the options?

If you want to reward points for actions on a platform not listed, you can utilize the "Visit a URL" feature. This allows you to direct customers to any specific URL (e.g., a specific social media page) and reward them for visiting or performing a specific action. It operates on the honor system, and you can customize the action's name, description, and points awarded.

Will the app verify if a customer has fully completed the social media action before awarding points?

Regrettably, due to restrictions imposed by social media platforms, we cannot directly verify such actions. Most platforms limit third-party apps from accessing specific user data. However, Rivo, like other loyalty programs, operates on a trust-based system. We've designed the app to seamlessly direct customers to your social profiles, and our data suggests that the vast majority do complete the actions. Rest assured, most of your patrons will genuinely engage as intended.

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