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Guide to set up Instagram follows in Rivo. Boost brand visibility & connect with your audience.

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Instagram is not just a platform for photos; it's a space where businesses grow. Encouraging your customers to follow you on Instagram through your Loyalty Program can elevate your brand's visibility and establish a more intimate connection with your audience.

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Setting up the "Follow on Instagram" way to earn

Let's walk through setting up the "Follow on Instagram" way to earn in the Rivo Loyalty Program.


  1. From the dashboard, navigate to Programs > Points.

  2. Click on Add Another Way to Earn.

  3. Select Follow on Instagram from the dropdown.

  4. Enter your Instagram Username.

  5. Define the number of points you'd like to award for this action.

    1. Optional: Add your own custom icon.

  6. Confirm your settings and save the changes.

Common Questions

Will the app verify if a customer has fully completed the social media action before awarding points?

Regrettably, due to restrictions imposed by social media platforms, we cannot directly verify such actions. Most platforms limit third-party apps from accessing specific user data. However, Rivo, like other loyalty programs, operates on a trust-based system. We've designed the app to seamlessly direct customers to your social profiles, and our data suggests that the vast majority do complete the actions. Rest assured, most of your patrons will genuinely engage as intended.

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