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Grant points to your customers for prior sign ups and orders placed

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Retroactively award points to customers for specific actions like 'Sign up' and 'Place an order.' This ensures that your customers receive points for their prior engagements with your store, extending the rewards beyond the app installation.

✨ This feature is available on all plans

How it works

This is a one-time bulk operation that allows you to retroactively grant points to all your customers for their past 'Sign Up' and 'Place an Order' actions before installing the app.

Here's an example to illustrate its functionality: Let's consider a customer who created an account on your store 6 months before you installed Rivo Loyalty & Referrals and placed one order. Assuming you have set the points at 100 for 'Sign up' and 200 for 'Place an order', running the Reward Past Actions feature would automatically award this customer 300 points.


  • The app can only retroactively grant points for the Sign Up and Place an Order Ways to Earn

  • Points will only be awarded if the 'Sign Up' and/or 'Place an Order' Ways to Earn are currently enabled in the Points program. However, the function will still run successfully regardless of whether your Points Program is enabled or disabled

  • Members, or customers who have an account, will be awarded points for both sign-ups and orders, if applicable. Guests, or customers who do not have an account, will be awarded points for orders only if applicable

  • The order information for the awarded points won't be displayed under the customer profile's 'Recent Orders' section. Instead, points earned through past actions will be visible in the customer's 'Program Activity' section.

How to reward past actions

  1. From the Rivo Dashboard, go to Settings

  2. Click Reward Past Actions

  3. Click the Reward for Past Actions button

    Reward For Past Actions
  4. Confirm your action by clicking the Continue button when prompted. Once you click the button, the points will be processed in the background, ensuring a seamless experience for you and your customers.

πŸ’‘ Pro Tip: Before you run the operation, make sure you're happy with the points amounts for both 'Sign Up' and 'Place an Order' Ways to Earn in Programs > Points.

Common questions

Do my current customers get sent an email letting them know they have more points?

No, however, when a customer does earn points on your website through purchases or referrals an email will be automatically sent if your emails are enabled.

Can we backfill just the 'Sign Up' and not the 'Place an Order' ways to earn?

Yes. Before you click the Reward for Past Actions button in Settings, make sure that only the 'Sign Up' is enabled and the 'Place and Order' is disabled on your Points Program.

I made a mistake and want to undo this operation, what can I do?

Please reach out to us at [email protected] and we can reset this operation on the backend for you.

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