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Reward TOS/Conditions
Reward TOS/Conditions

How to apply terms of service/conditions to your rewards in the Loyalty Program

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You can apply conditions or terms of service (TOS) to your rewards, which allow for more control over how and when your customers can use them. This article explains the conditions available for your Loyalty & Referrals program rewards.

✨ Reward TOS applies to Ways to Redeem, Referrals rewards, and VIP rewards

Minimum Cart Requirement

This allows you to set a minimum purchase value for the reward. If enabled, the customer's order must be equal to or greater than the amount specified to apply the discount code to an order.

πŸ“ Note: The value needs to be expressed in cents and it can never be '0' (zero). Please select None if you would like no minimum purchase value.

Apply to

You can choose whether the reward is applicable to the entire order or a designated collection. By doing so, the discount would be exclusive to products within that specific collection.

πŸ“ Note: At the moment, you can only select 1 collection.

Purchase Type

In the case you have subscriptions set up in your store, you can choose whether the discount works for one-time purchases, subscriptions, or even both options.

Reward Expiration

This helps you set an expiration on any of your rewards. With the end date being adjustable in months, you can set the expiration date for as short as 1 month or as long as 24 months.

For more information about this feature, please go to Reward expiration.

Maximum shipping amount (Advanced rewards)

The Free Shipping reward includes a maximum shipping amount option to ensure that the reward is applied to an order only when the shipping rate is equal to or less than the amount specified.

You can check out our guide on Advanced Rewards for more information on these reward types.

Common questions

Can I add a minimum purchase amount to the Free Shipping?

Not at the moment, but we would love to learn how valuable this feature is for the Loyalty Program. Please upvote the idea here!

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