Reward TOS/Conditions
How to apply Terms Of Service/Conditions to your rewards in the Loyalty Program.
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You can apply conditions or terms of service (TOS) to your rewards, which allow for more control over how and when your customers can use them. This article explains the conditions available for your Loyalty & Referrals program rewards.

Minimum Requirement

This allows you to set a Minimum purchase value to the reward. If enabled, the customer's order must be equal to or greater than the amount specified to use the reward.

πŸ“ Note: The minimum purchase value cannot be set as 0 (zero). Please select "None" if you would like no minimum purchase value.

Apply to Entire order or Collection

This allows you to specify which Collection the reward can be applied to. If enabled, the discount will only apply to products from that collection.

Reward expiration

This handy little feature allows you to set an expiration on any of your rewards. You can read more about this in our guide: Reward expiration.

Advanced rewards

Check out our guide on Advanced Rewards for more information on these reward types. These rewards have limited options for conditions as they are more specific rewards. You can set an expiration for these rewards just like your other rewards. The Free Shipping reward also includes a maximum shipping amount option.

When enabled, this reward can only be applied on orders where shipping is equal to or less than the amount specified.

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