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Automatically adjust points on refunded or canceled orders
Automatically adjust points on refunded or canceled orders

How to adjust points automatically on refunded or canceled orders.

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Automatically sync the order payment amount in Shopify to reflect the points your customer should receive. Below, you'll find a guide on how to configure automatic points adjustments when an order is refunded, partially refunded or cancelled/voided.

Customize your points refunds settings

Customize your points cancelations settings

To switch this feature on, follow the steps below.

  1. From your Loyalty dashboard go to Settings.

  2. Select Order or click here to go directly there.

  3. Scroll down to Points Cancelations and tap the checkboxes.

  4. Click Save to save your settings!

How points are adjusted when an order is refunded or cancelled

Deduct points awarded through an order if the order's financial status changes to any of the following 3 statuses: Refunded, Partially Refunded, and Voided or Cancelled. Let's take a look at the table below which walks through how that affects a customer, and what you should expect as the merchant.

Shopify Order financial status

How points are adjusted

Example scenario ($1 = 1 point)


If you fully refund the order through Shopify, all points earned from the order will be deducted from the customer's balance.

John places an order for $100 and receives 100 points. You have to refund the full order because John's size is out of stock. Once you refund John through Shopify, John will have the loyalty points earned from this purchase deducted from his account automatically.

Partially Refunded

If you partially refund an order, the equivalent number of points will be deducted from the customer's balance.

John places an order for $100 and earns 100 points. Later he decides to return an item worth $50. John will be deducted 50 points from his account automatically.


If you void or cancel an order, all points earned from the order will be deducted from the customer's balance.

John calls on the phone to place an order for $100, after you create the order in Shopify, the points are awarded to John. John calls back and says he is going to place an order in store instead, so you cancel the order in Shopify. Once cancelled, John will have the points deducted from their account automatically.

When an order is refunded

All the points the customer earned from that order will be deducted from their balance.

When an order is partially refunded

Only the $ amount points equivalent will be deducted.

When an order is voided/cancelled

Just like the refunded status, the full amount of points will be deducted from the customer's balance.

Common questions

How long does the points adjustment take?

Once the order is cancelled or refunded in Shopify, the points adjustment usually takes 15-30 seconds for the customer.

Will the customer be notified that their points were deducted?

No. The customer won't be notified of any changes to their points balance. They will see a `Points canceled - Placed an order` event in their activity log.

Will this also work on POS orders?

Will this work on custom ways to earn created with Shopify Flow?

This feature is currently compatible with the Way to Earn: Placed an Order and will not work with any custom earning rules. You can adjust points earned via custom rules manually in the customer's profile.

​Can the app automatically adjust points on exchanged orders?

This feature is not yet readily available, points are automatically adjusted if the exchange requires a refund but the app does not adjust points when customers are required for an additional payment. However, it has been noted and added to our Product Roadmap, where you can add your vote for this feature!

If a customer unlocked a VIP tier, then cancelled the order, do they move back to the lower tier?

Yes! If your customer should move down a tier once those points are removed, this will happen automatically.

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