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Dive into a realm of enhanced customer engagement with checkout extensions

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Introducing Rivo's checkout extension designed to elevate the benefits of your loyalty program! Integrate each extension into the checkout process to empower customers to enjoy a seamless experience and make the most of their points.

✨ Checkout extensions are available to Shopify Plus Merchants who have upgraded to Checkout extensibility

Redeem Points extension

By integrating rewards redemption into the checkout, customers are enticed to explore and redeem more frequently, boosting their engagement and encouraging repeat purchases.

  1. If the customer gets to the checkout page as a Guest, the extension will display a 'Log in' link to incentivize them to sign in or create a store account to enroll in your loyalty program

    Rivo's Redeem Points extension
  2. Once logged in, the page will show their Loyalty Points available and a dropdown where the customer can select the rewards they can redeem with their current balance

  3. After the customer selects a reward, Rivo will deduct the points from the balance and generate a one-time discount code that will be automatically added to the order!

    Rivo's Redeem Points extension

Known limitations

  • Customers can only redeem fixed rewards (Amount Discount and Percentage Off), Free Shipping rewards, and Free Product rewards

  • The dropdown will display rewards that can be redeemed within the customer's existing points

  • If the order does not comply with the reward TOS/conditions, the points will still be redeemed but the discount will not be added to the order.

Potential Loyalty Points extension

Showcasing potential Loyalty points at checkout gives your customers an extra incentive to complete a purchase and also explore the perks of your loyalty program, which is a strategic move to boost engagement and sales.

Rivo's Potential Loyalty Points extension

Both Members and Guests will be able to see the banner with the points amount they can earn for purchasing the products, and no actions need to be completed through this extension to receive said points.

Known limitations

  • It can only be added in the order summary, after all line items

  • It shows the basic calculation from the Points program. Shipping, taxes, and discounts are not factored into the points estimation at the moment.

💡 Find out more: Add a Potential Loyalty Points extension to your product pages so that your customers don't miss the advantage of your program.

How to install the extensions?

  1. Go to your Shopify admin and click Settings > Checkout

  2. In the Checkout customization section, click Customize next to the checkout that you want to edit

  3. On the left side menu, click Add app block

  4. Select the Rivo extension you would like to add

  5. Optional: Drag and drop the Redeem Points extension to the location that best suits your needs

  6. Save changes.

Translate your extensions

  1. Go to Branding > Translation

  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to find the section Checkout UI Redeem Points or Checkout UI Points Estimation

  3. Edit the text

  4. Save changes.

Common questions

Can I customize the extension?

At the moment, only the text of your extensions is editable. Please go to Translate your extensions.

My customer redeemed points by mistake. What can I do?

If your customer redeemed points but never paid the order with the discount, you can search for the customer in your Rivo admin and refund the points under the Program Activity section.

Where can I learn more about upgrading to Checkout extensibility?

To learn more you can check out this document from Shopify.

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