Getting Started with the Points Program

The Points Program serves as your main way to reward your customers. This is where you can create and specify details on how customers can earn points, how many points they can earn, and what rewards they can redeem using their accumulated points.

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Earning Points

Redeeming Points

Common questions

Video Walkthrough

Earning Points

  1. From the Loyalty dashboard, go to Programs.

  2. In the Points Program window, make sure the status is set to ON.

  3. In the Earning Points section, choose how the customer will be able to earn the points and set it to ON. In the example below, we chose Place an order. This will allow the customer to earn points each time he purchases from the store.

  4. Click Edit

  5. Choose the Earning Type:

    1. Incremented points (recommended) - This gives out a specific number of points each time the amount that you have set is reached. Eg. 5 points for every 1 Euro spent.

    2. Fixed amount of points - This gives out a specific number of points for a completed transaction regardless of the amount. Eg. 10 points for every transaction

  6. Set the number of points you want to grant to the customer.

  7. Optional: You can also check the box below the field to limit the number of times each customer can earn points for this action.

  8. Once you are satisfied with your settings, click Save.

  9. You can now begin informing your customers that they can earn 3 points for every dollar or euro of their purchase.

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Redeeming Points

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  1. In the Redeeming Points section, click Add Another Reward.

  2. Choose the kind of reward you want to add from any of the options offered. In this example, we choose Amount Discount.

  3. Create a new title for your coupon or keep the existing title depending on the reward.

  4. Set the points amount and the fixed amount discount.

  5. Once you are satisfied with your settings, click Create Reward.

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Common questions

Is the app compatible with multiple currencies?

Rivo Loyalty is compatible with your store's default currency only. The points that are awarded on completed orders will always correspond to the value of the order in your store's default currency. Even if you are using Shopify's Advanced plan, or Geolocation app to allow customers to checkout in their own currency, the points will be based on the order's value in your store's default currency.

Are taxes and shipping charges included when customers earn points?

This is the default behavior of the app but you can change this in Settings. Check out this guide for more.

Does the app work with draft order invoices?

If you have sent a customer a draft order invoice via email, this customer will earn points on this order when they checkout using the checkout link. The customer will need to have an account on your store. However, customers are not able to redeem their rewards on these types of orders. This is due to Shopify’s own limitations, as Shopify does not allow discount codes to be used on orders created as draft order invoices. This is noted in Shopify’s guide to draft orders here.

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